Most Popular Insults Words

The funniest insult i have had from a girl with the biggest nose ever and is a lot uglier than me.
"tbh love your a fucking duck'ed"
by ||Fembot. August 04, 2006
Flamhead, is generally used to insult gays for being flammers
Jess talks with a lisp he is a flamhead
by Jess5355 March 03, 2007
Cuasterixt = C-u-*-t = Cunt, despite asterisk being mispelled.

1. Female genitalia or;

2. Derogitory term used to insult someone.
1. Can I see your cuasterixt?

2. Screw you, cuasterixt.
by Just another cuasterixt April 08, 2007
HIGH-larious insult...
Hey Rob.B, You're a Douchenoggin!!
by GiantBrain February 04, 2008
Act act of useing the insult "Face" to another.
Ed saw that the moment was right and did a facealini on Travis.
by ER Denied March 11, 2008
A term used to describe an insult that is both "cold" and "a burn"
Sam: My mom thinks I'm cool.
Sam's Mom: No, you're pretty much a loser
by JayMay March 26, 2008
Can be used as anything the user wants, could be an object,person(used in a diss) or commonly used to refer to weed
ex1:"your a tussy"
ex2:"got that tussy"
by watwatwatwat town May 01, 2009
to diss someone, insult them, replaces the word burn
atleast i didnt get beat up by a girl

by chsc June 08, 2010
andrew, you're such a squaag..
by cheyenneandamber May 08, 2011
1. Means bitch or bitches. Mainly used instead of saying bitch out loud. More subtle...approach

2. Can also use to describe if someone is hot.

pron: be-heest
Guy: There is a lot of beheest in my class
Guy2: Look at those hot beheest!
by Datguy December 04, 2012

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