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Most Popular Insults Words

A combination of meaningful words put together to provoke an idiot
an insult - i don't think you're a fool, but what's my opinion again thousands of others?
by DumbAssOnHoliday November 15, 2005
59 54
A word which someone will use to feel of a higher intelligence.
Cockthirsty is the way I feel about Jeff and his shenanigans.
by Fuguthemush April 23, 2006
39 70
Cross betwen a "shun" and a "burn"
Hey dude, don't shurn your bros.

He didn't show up to service, he's a real shurn.
by Jay765 May 06, 2008
14 34
insult term for man who has sex with ugly woman
hey you doggyknobber your womans ugly.
by dfsuk September 08, 2008
46 20
A shortened version of the word pansy. Used as a mild insult to others...
Teen 1-"Go ask that girl out!"
Teen 2-"No.. what if she doesn't like me?"
Teen 1-"Panz..."
by The BNNG February 25, 2009
24 11
Man bastard is a term used between a group of friends as a joking insult.
put the kettle on you man bastard.

you absolute man bastard.

God, your one ugly man bastard.
by 9darter September 30, 2009
15 31
The Ultra Burn results after leaving someone speechless and without possible comeback to a previous thread of insulting. It is the ultimate reward to the victor of the exchange.
Observer 1: Oh look, that dude is crying! What a loser!
Observer 2: Yeah, he just got such an Ultra Burn.
by portoking November 05, 2009
20 12
Slut + Cunt = Slunt.

Used to describe a person who is not only of questionable crotch cleanliness, but also very rude.
That girl is a total slunt. Did you see how she was acting?
by yunguns15 August 14, 2010
64 17
A shortened version of the word gochu (penis in Korean). It can be used to replace pretty much any word or can also be used as an insult.
What the goch?!
You're such a goch.
Shaddup goch.
by farmlee September 02, 2010
33 15
The word "fadger" has no real meaning. It is an insult, meaning anything bad that you interpret it as.
Wow, Brendan is a HUGE fadger
by ashleybeee April 08, 2011
15 32