Most Popular Insults Words

An insult to call someone gay, in a more interesting way since it is dagerously close to 'geisha'.
Don't touch me gaysha.
by bgAlakazaM September 20, 2006
1. Interpreting a comment to be the opposite of what is intended.

2. When a statement is taken to have the worst possible meaning, especially in the case of a complement.
He said she looked nice today, but all her woman ears heard was she usually looks terrible, has a fat butt, dresses like a whore, and wears too much / not enough make up.
by Miss Chievous November 08, 2006
Another way to write bitch
That girl at the corner is a beyouch.
by D. L. L. October 24, 2007
a term used to describe someone/something that is both gay and retarded.
"wow,I look like such a gaytard in that picture.."
by Maddie McGregor January 20, 2008
homosexual-like behavior
1- Dang you see how he walkin'?! wit his hip swayin and what not?
2- Douche is actin' madd fagadocious
by Laxative Excrament March 01, 2008
basically calling someone a theif just adding let on the end....

generally used for a stupid insult.
by t serg March 23, 2009
Insulting name for an Asian.
You have some chink ass eyes Eggroller
by Not an Eggroller August 24, 2010
(Insult or to make fun of) To be hairy,fat, and smell of trash.
You are a ferger you know that, so go shave, take a run, and then when your all done take a shower you smell like trash.
by Chad2320 October 12, 2010
a name used rarely to insult animals or people. full version is a fuck-crack
your such an f-crack!!" " telling mom!!
by Fresnar and Fuffley November 02, 2010
Rab is short for "rude-ass bitch." A less-gendered definition can be "rude ass bobo."
Stanley, stop being such a rab!

Nobody likes a rabby patty.

Yep, that's me--rabalicious!
by rabbarabba April 02, 2013

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