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Most Popular Insults Words

First used by Dog the Bounty Hunter
Come here you ****ing twink!!
by Jason underwood November 29, 2006
to be used instead of retard when around parents/elders.
girl 1: "gosh girl 2, your such a retard!"
girl 1's mom: "girl 1, don't say that! it's rude!"


girl 1: "gosh girl 2, your such a robin!"
girl 1's mom: "your girls and your inside jokes..."
by love-bruises March 06, 2007
Dissed; Insulted; Ignored
"Oh! You just got bram!"
by MeeeeAndYouuuu April 22, 2007
Can be used as an insult.
Omg! You are such a willy!
by Remote! August 18, 2007
A short stick. Reason why cigaretts are sometimes called fags in England. It is sometimes attributed homosexuals, implying gay people have small dicks, but can be used as an insult to pretty much any guy.
James: Give us a fag
Mike: Get your own

James: The guy susan is dating is such a fag
Mike: He's a prick
by Vicente B. da Camara February 07, 2008
being called a bruce is in the end being called a willis.
you stupid fucking bruce

I think you are such a bruce

man your girl is a complete bruce
by THE STIG 123 April 14, 2008
A general insult, not always used in an agressive mannar but used like the term 'gay' in a joking mannar.
Something that is silly or stupid
Your such a fag.
by sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm November 09, 2008
The name is generally used as an insult.
"Dude, your cakes gone all Ben!"
by Bobby Vilken January 12, 2009
Another word used for the insult gay. When teachers get mad for saying gay, you just say glee instead.
Miss, that is glee.
by BryttanMack April 29, 2009
Verb, to point out a diss in an unusually obnoxious and uncalled for manner. There are many ways to present the zing, the most common where you flick your fingers outward in the direction of the person being zinged, and shouting ZING. Other specialty zings include the sniper zing and the predator missile zing.
Liam: Wow these bio notes are way too hard.
Ben: Maybe that's cuz ur stupid and a scrub. ZING.
by ohheythere23759820 November 23, 2010