Most Popular Insults Words

A clever observation used as an insult. A burn. Derived from the idea that the person doing the insulting is serving up a fresh plate of wit on your ignorant self. Providing much-needed intellectual sustenance for someone who is logically malnourished.
"That guy thinks he's the beard master but he looks like he's got pubes on his face"

by Andrew Tolson September 30, 2005
A short burst of swearing most commonly used after a fight when walking away
Person1: "Yeah keep walking ya idiot"

Person2 (walking away): "Chism"
by Yasin Gulec October 04, 2005
A word to describe a fat, stupid, ugly, loudmouthed slag (female). Otherwise known as 'town bicycle'.
OMG you're such an Anky! Go play in traffic
by Mr Scouser & chums July 24, 2006
A derogatory slang term used mostly in Mexico to insult someone. Similar to the word, b*tch.
"Quit espada," said Carlos.
by Carlos Rios March 06, 2007
an insult to a person who is an degenerate, bitch, pussy, no friends, gay, unliked, unwanted, lame, idiot, nonsensical

basically a general insult to anyone
"Dude quit being such a scone"

"You're really sconin' up"

"Ooooh! It's the scone collector"

"Welcome to the scone zone"

"Sconeyyyyyy!" - Alternative nickname for one who is a constant scone
by brian 110% anti scone peterson August 24, 2007
roots from "shaft" (the long part of the penis)
to be owned by one's insults
raped (figuratively)
Oh shit, you just got shafted.
by Billy blowjob jo February 25, 2008
A person's balls.
Shut up Phillip or I'll kick you in the dingleberries!
by Dominator5000 July 10, 2008
Slang term for the vagina, used in a derogatory manner towards someone.
1) That indie band 'Air Traffic' are total dominos.
2) Get a load of that guy! What a domino!
by Billy Camp August 06, 2008
lick My Sack
Hey n00b u can LMS
by DeushKiller August 15, 2008
Random playful insult that is directed at somebody who is not jewish.
Non jew: Can you pass me the diet coke?

Other Non jew: You are so fucking jewish.
by KCA Watts September 01, 2008

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