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verb~ slang. The act of insulting another.
Used mainly in the south of England.
Are you muggin' me off mate?

She's proper muggin you off.
by Funi January 20, 2006
29 42
The opposite of "sweeeet". Usually used to make the other person thinking about how stupid it is to say "sweet" all the time.
Person 1: Man those shoes are sweeeettt.
Person 2: Sour.

Person 1 left thinking how stupid he is for using the word sweet in that way.
by KKL May 29, 2006
7 22
An insult at times, but luckily there is a quick and witty comeback for such terms.
Idiot: You my good sir are a vagina.

Smart Kid: Why yes, that is true! You know what they say: you are what you eat!
by fongfan July 24, 2006
68 81
One way to insult someone is by telling something false of their mother, as a form of negative comment.
Hey, that kid who was older than me, said some mean things about my mamma because I had $50 and he had $10. He said "Yo Mamma is so ugly, when she looked out the window, she got arrested for moaning.". What should I do? I didn't do a thing wrong!
by Cartoony September 08, 2007
26 38
An insult that is a mixture between a douche and a dick.
Guy #1: "Dude, you're a queer"
Guy #2: "Ya, well you're a dish!"
by Buelk October 28, 2007
10 30
acronym for "Brent that Hoe"; to simultaniously insult a girl while attempting to get her to come home with you for the purposes of sex.
"That hottie over there is so into herself... if you wanna get with her you'll have to BTH."
by bblades262 January 30, 2008
24 37
roots from "shaft" (the long part of the penis)
to be owned by one's insults
raped (figuratively)
O shit, you just got shafted!
by Billy Blowjob Jo February 26, 2008
10 24
An Insult, someone who is a ass can be called a jew, for any reason, yet mostly because of failure to supply goods or money, the ideas that jews are stingy.

Also a religion.
Fuck sake toomey your such a jew.

Hi im a jewish man.
by SirPagey May 13, 2008
101 128
G- Get
N- Nob
O- Out

Thus literally meaning get your nob out
Usually used as an insult or as an obvious sex phrase
Boy: You're a loner and you've got no friends (Insulting)


Boy: Wanna have sex?
Girl: GNO!
by The Pro One March 11, 2009
7 23
An insult given to another person in an argument. It is commonly used on a person who has talked smack and or is being a smart ass.

Both sides can give the stacks, which will escalate to a bigger argument. However, it is not uncommon for one person to be the only one throwing the stacks.
Matt: Damn, man! Does your mother still dress you in the morning?
Avery: Woah! You're about to catch one. I'm about to give you the stacks.
Your forehead looks like a fucking Honda windshield.
Matt: Alright man, Chill. Chill.
by Chelsxa January 19, 2012
30 55

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