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The best game to play online ever which is often called THUG.
"I just bought THUG the other day man!"
by Amanda December 28, 2003
34 25
A common short form for "indicators of interest", which is a phrase commonly found on forums for dating advice. Mostly describing the behaviour of women when noticing guys (at a club/bar)

- At a club, guys go after the girls who show IOI's.
When scouting a party for chicks, go after the ones who show IOIs
by Gandolf Randolf August 09, 2006
19 7
Eve Online - Stands for Blue print original. Not a copy.
Dude, Did you hear about the Devs give BOB all those T2 BPO's???
by JoniUk September 16, 2007
15 5
The act of using the Wii. Also the first word to use three of the same vowel in a row.
"Don't bother me, I'm Wiiing!"
by The Most Ut! July 10, 2008
17 1
a term from online games desciribing a problem in a game causing people or objects to "freeze" and re-apear elseware, very annoying and sometimes used as an excuse by noobs (e.g. noob just got killed so he says: "Stupid lag!!!!")
dude, this map is lagging like crazy!
man the lag is killin me!
by dadefiner December 19, 2008
34 7
To wipe your dusty shoes on someone
i played the immaturity game and immatured him.
by Maker of the immaturity game April 13, 2010
9 5
When one goes on a spree of video viewing on Rooster Teeth's YouTube channel.
Rob: "Dude, I spent three hours Rooster Teething!
Jack: "Why?"
Rob: "Just Cause 2 Easter eggs lured me in and the achievement guides hooked me!"
by Thatguyismee March 30, 2011
28 4
games but are taken overly seriously at times. people take insults on their sports personal. its kinda funny
guy one: hey man no offense but i think your sport is kinda boring.
guy two: your mom's a hooker and your a faggot so fuck off
by tizzle dogg June 10, 2011
28 16
When you rage immensely or rage so badly you quit at whatever you are doing. Mainly video games.
Oh God, he's pulling a Dante...
by TatteredTime June 19, 2011
55 33
An extremely intense sport played in a swimming pool. It involves teams of participants trying to capture the "piddidle" (a wooden, white golf-t) first which is placed on the bottom of the pool at the start of each round. Due to the lack of true rules, piddidle often results in injuries, and in extreme cases, complete mental breakdowns.
Guy 1: Yo, how'd you get that bruise?
Guy 2:Mad game of piddidle at Adam's. It was worth it though, we won.
by piddidle man June 15, 2013
13 1