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Adaption of Bring it that manages to slip in an insult to the credibility or ferocity of someone's game.
You wanna fight, beeyatch?

Bring your shit over here.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
a female(heterosexual)stud
Damn Jenee's such a studlette she even makes my gamelook bad.
by Jenee April 05, 2004
Abbreviation for First Person Shooter", a video game in which the player sees from the perpective of the main game character, or in the "first person". These games usually involve some type of weapon, usually a gun, of which the end of the barrel can usually be seen at the bottom of the screen, as if the player is looking down the gun.
Some examples of F.P.S.'s include Battlefield 1942, Half-Life, Doom (perhaps being the most famous, and arguably the first real F.P.S), Red Faction, and the Medal of Honor series.
by Pork King April 03, 2006
a game or sport
played with a ping pong sized ball but has the characteristics of a tennin ball (ie its a tennisball but is the size of a ping pong ball)
it is played with 4 tables inbetween 2 players. tables can be of any size according to the players skill and the players distance ranges according to arena but originally is about 5 meters.

the objective is to get to 5.(6 explained later)
if u reach -5...you lose

you gain a point when..
- you throw the flooshball and it bounces off one of the tables and beats the opposite player
-as above when the opposite player drops it

you lose a point when
- you miss a table when throwing the ball

points are stationary when...
-ball hits a table but it caught by opposite player
-ball hits table but goes wide either does not go past last table or out of area you aim to beat the opposition player

when you are on 5...you cant lose a point!
so put everything into your throws because if you miss a table you are still on 5. as soon as you gain a point you win

created by gerard and adam!
Hey adam you wana have a game of floosh

by gezza_888 May 16, 2007
To run across a road at a fast pace without looking to see if there are any vehicles moving towards you in the hope of not getting hit by uncoming traffic. It was created in the late 90s/early 00s by Mark Mc Legend and some wigger.
Steve:Did you play gamble yesterday?
Andrew:Yea but i lost
Steve:O right i was wondering why we are in hospital
by Luc O'Zade January 26, 2008
1. A statistic in sports, mainly hockey and soccer, when you pass the object in play to a teammate who then scores.

2. A statistic in first-person shooters that shows how many times you tried to kill an enemy but your teammate had to finish the job.
1. In an ice hockey game, I got an assist by passing across the ice to my teammate who then shot and scored.

2. In Call of Duty I shot a guy in front of me only for him to strafe away and I got an assist after he ran right into my teammate's bayonet.
by Nick Weiner February 03, 2009
A game in which multiple lackeys drink one whole cup. The winner then boasts in his/her victory. Rules: 3, 2, 1 , CUP! Last one to CUP pours next cups
What a sick gaem of CUP!!!!!11
by CUPmaster3000 September 05, 2009
People on gaming platforms who think it's cool to put 420 in their name. It also applies to anyone with weed related names.
"Look at that guy right there! His name is sUpAkUsH420. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's cool because he smokes weed."
by A straight edge November 15, 2009
A religion in which you don't give a fuck.
Those who practice Falonism win the game.
by RadioKing01 December 12, 2009
How computer enthusiasts refer to their computers.
Have you seen my new machine play Crysis?
by Sephar0 March 15, 2011