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a straight up gangsta sporting large platnum chains, rings, and the whole sha-bang-bang. This man is usually on top of the drug game or some otha illigitamit bussiness because Bill Gates sure as hell aint no Baller...
-Also one who is tallented in B-ball. I personally think calling a B ball player a baller is a waste of a good term.
pimpin aint easy, but ballin is...
by Boogy BEE April 12, 2004
1. Your game.

(In the 70s, your fez was the common term for what is now known as "your game". Guys used their fez to pick up chicks.)
"You're never gonna do it without your fez on.." (Steelie Dan song "Your Fez")
by Old Dude from the 70s May 08, 2007
The n00b1sh way to say "owned" when typing on internet forums
Noob: dud3 1 ju5 pwned u
Non-noob: I killed u dumbass
by Joe Schofield October 17, 2007
Someone who plays more than one game.
Julio is a multiplayer gamer. He plays more than one game.
by nightlinks December 08, 2007
To grope someones knee in a playful manner in order to gain undefined points.

Made popular in Brampton, ON
Scott grabs Riley's' knee and says "Skronk" in thus gaining him a "point"

Riley attempts to retaliate but Scott blocks by a simple covering of the knees and thus no "points" gained
by Scott Riley January 13, 2008
another name for softball

Section five played mushball at their section reunion.
by 3L February 11, 2008
To randomly jump up and hump your friends side.
Manny hit Fellows with the goat in the kitchen.
by Super Guatemala Man February 18, 2008
1. Good Game- Used at the end of an online game to show sportsmanship

2. Good Girl- a type of spanking used for sexual arousal rather than discipline. Used in the spanking scene
1. person 1: you beat me at scrabble gg!
Person 2: ty gg2u2

2. person 1: I'm going to give you a gg spanking for being so fun :-)
by qurikymichellie July 10, 2008
1. A sexual dance that is popular at public dances though very sexual.
2. A drug deal.
3. Intense video game training.
1.Ex: Dude, that chick was totally about to grind with him!
2.Ex: There was a grind going down behind the supermarket; I hope no one got shot.
3.Ex: Nerd1: Man, I got a level 50 squirtle and I haven't even fought the first gym leader yet!
Nerd2: WOW, grind much?
by MasMarMan July 31, 2008
A game that consists of jerking off as many times as you can in one hour. It is often played competitively when in High school or College but can also be played solo against your own personal record. It is generally based on the honor system but use of officials to judge and the requirement of evidence is not unheard of.
Teacher: So class, what did you do over the Christmas Break?

Student 1: Swifties 4! A new personal record

Student 2: Seriously?! 4 wow I barely got 3

Teacher: What are you guys talking about, what is Swifties?

Student 1:'s a new video game
by Tvan12 December 04, 2009

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