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The act of going from one screen to another in a movie theater, evading the ushers, as to either see more than one movie for one ticket or to get into a totally seperate movie than the one you have a ticket for. Most often done by adolescents, or angry vengeful adults (i.e. when the film they want to see sells out).
After the movie ended, we went screen hopping to the screen next door and saw another movie.
by toee January 17, 2007
The human brain's ability to enjoy a mediocre or worse film way more than it should because said film was screened in advance or for free.
"George said that flick was really good, I thought it sucked."
"Yeah, but he saw it like two years ago when they were testing it. He thinks he's special. Free Screening Syndrome."
by The Fish August 27, 2007
The nickname for the Tamil film industry. It's based mainly in Chennai
OMG, Rajinikanth is starring in the next Kollywood film!

by Adelbert Steiner March 22, 2008
The greatest movie ever to be made by man kind!!!
Yo! did u see Sweemo the other night?
Yah man! It was the SHIT!!!!
by bettylicious August 29, 2008
just kicking back, watching a moov
by stasso May 02, 2009
A Dublin term for a mindless action movie lacking plot and character development. Considered brilliant films by Peter Bolger hence the name.

Eg Death race, Transporter series, Gi Joe,
No were not seing Death race. Why cause its a Buldge flick.
by Domo230 August 15, 2009
The desire to murder the creators of the Fandango movie commercials, wasting important time in a person's movie-going experience and wishing they had spent their money somewhere else.
I had a good 20 minutes of commercials at the movies last night, I almost went into a Fandango Commercial Murder Rage.
by Stuntmanjd October 04, 2009
A chick flick for older women.
Meryl Streep specializes in making Chicken Flicks.
by Truth Teller 711 June 10, 2010
A euphemism for Atlanta, Georgia which is growing as a movie prodution hub.
You hear they're making another movie at Tyler Perry's Studio?
Yeah, it's all the talk down in Y'allywood.
by eyedfy2010 June 17, 2010
Originally an American spelling of 'theatre,' the word has evolved to mean a building, room or space where films are shown. Sometimes called a cinema or movie theater. Not to be confused with a theatre.
I can't wait for this movie to come to theaters!
by Grammar 'R Us July 08, 2011