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The American use of this term comes from a 1979 movie called "The Psychotronic Man". It refers to the ability to control the physical world with your mind. Because of this movie the word psychotronic fell into generic usage for obscure cult films.
We are going to the midnight showing of psychotronic films down at the Lake Theatre.
by level7 May 25, 2006
The Convenient News Network (or CNN,) is the news channel on TV that everybody in movies watches because it always reports on exactly the thing you want to know about. This phrase was coined by Cleolinda Jones who writes the m15m livejournal.
Famous Actor: "Somebody just told me about some vague interesting thing that's important to the plot, I better turn to the Convenient News Network to find out more, because I just know that's what they'll be talking about when I turn on the TV, which, of course, is already on the exact channel I was going to watch anyway."
by savetheinternet.com June 30, 2008
Acronym for "It's In The Script" - a quick and easy response to any query questioning something unrealistic, inconsistent or just plain stupid seen on TV or in film.
Pete: "How the hell could Jeff Goldblum upload a virus to the alien mothership using a Mac?"

John: "IITS."
by bohdave July 15, 2008
A movie that is the combination of two or more other movies. (A chimera is a monster from Greek mythology that is a cross breed of a dragon, a lion, a goat, and a serpent.)
The animated film "WALL-E" is just more chimera cinema. If you've seen "SILENT RUNNING", "2001", and "SHORT CIRCUIT", then you've already seen "WALL-E".
by chippedbeef November 13, 2008
A kick ass British film starring Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley.
The film is about Jess "Jesminder" a young Indian Punjabi Sikh growing up in the suburbs of London who wants nothing more than to play football. (soccer) But her parents don't think it's "proper"
"Anyone can cook aloo gobi, but who can bend a ball like Beckham?" - Jess Bend It Like Beckham
by Pinkdragonfly February 26, 2009
A seemingly paradoxical situation that occurs when all of the individual components of a movie (acting, dialogue, editing, etc.) are utterly terrible, yet the movie is nevertheless enjoyable. Most often it applies to a movie that while not meant to be a comedy, is nevertheless hilarious to watch.

Named for 'Springtime for Hitler' from the film 'The Producers'.
'Shark Attack 3' belongs on IMDB's worst 100 list, but because of the Springtime for Hitler effect, many people actually enjoy watching it.
by German Juggernaut September 01, 2009
A film where the director, writer and lead actor is the same person.
Good Night and Good Luck is such a masturbation film. Damn you George Clooney
by BDDCAWHI March 16, 2010
The best movie ever made.
"Kick Ass" was EPIC.
by Skep93 October 27, 2010
A motion picture directed by Ben Affleck.
Gone Baby Gone was good; but The Town is, by far, the best fleck I've ever seen.
by your_real_name. December 28, 2010
a) noun
1. A motion picture. Often refers to a more 'artistic' or indie picture (as opposed to a commercial movie).
2. The craft, study or industry of motion picture creation.
3. A thin strip of light-sensitive plastic used in pre-digital cameras.
4. A thin layer of something.

b) verb
5. To capture on camera

c) adjective
6. Of or referring to film.

d) preposition (On film)
7. Captured with a camera as a photograph or movie.
1. A good hipster only likes indie films.
2. He studied acting for film.
3. She used up a whole roll of film.
4. There was a soapy film on the water.

5. Yo dude, whip out your iPhone and film me jumping off this roof with my skateboard!

6. She's a film junkie.

7. I lit fireworks in the school auditorium, and caught the whole thing on film!
by Grammar 'R Us July 08, 2011