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Film: A long length moving picture (around 1hr+)
Also slang for film made by the Americans is Movie

Pronounced by some places as: "Fillem"
That film A.I. was shite
by Kurt R December 03, 2004
The propaganda machine of the fourth reich. They do anything they can to make the british people look like pussies, even though most of the people who own holliwood are jewish, and fail to relise that we the british helped save their arses in world war two.
hollywood need a good arse kickin, they need a good old beating from old glory.

jimmy: hey
yank: do british people have bad teeth and gay?
jimmy: you've been watching to much hollywood
yank: you know we yanks droped the bouncing bomb on the damns
jimmy: youve been watching too much hollywood,
yank: english people are gay and have gay accents
jimmy: only upperclass people are like that, youve been watching too much hollywood,
by paul hinton April 30, 2006
The most whored actor in film history, will appear in anything for the right amount of cash.

Will be in 90% of films being made by the time we get to 2010
"A film about Snakes... on a plane? You bet your mother fuckin' ass I'll be in that"

"A film about aliens who blow up the planet, fix it to blow it up again then fuck us all in the ass and I'll love it? I'm not sure...

You'll pay me 10 million dollars to be in it?! Sign me up nigga!"

All quotes I overheard Samuel L. Jackson say them
by Kieren and Grae July 22, 2006
what normal (ie ENGLISH) people call a moving picture. morons (ie AMERICANS) tend to say "movie"
JESSE- whaddup dawg, did you see that bad ass movie?
CHARLES- no, but i saw a rather smashing film
by innit February 25, 2007
A movie from the mid '90s about two brothers that go on a killing spree and hold a family hostage while on their way to Mexico. It is infamous for shitty special effects and an irritating amount of references to other films. It seems like a perfectly normal action movie until vampires start appearing out of every orifice at a club, about sixty minutes too late in the film. Not to mention the vampires look like werewolves.
"If you can actually sit through From Dusk Till Dawn until the credits, you deserve a medal."
by Metrion August 20, 2007
To do something with the intention of creating excessive, empty hype over something little if any people know anything about, especially in relationship to an upcomming movie.
To fall for such a scheme.
Hud: This is going to be the best film ever!
Rob: Don't fall for people trying to Cloverfield you, Hud.
by Jordan Lowndes January 07, 2008
Short for Women-in-prison, used to refer to the genre of exploitation movies.
Wendy O. Williams starred in Reform School Girls, the most famous WIP movie of recent years.
by Godard July 10, 2008
An incredibly boring & tedious film starring Harrison Ford. It is of the 'film noir' and 1980's sci-fi genre.

Understandably, the film performed terribly at the American Box-Office, grossing a mere $6 million in its' first week, and was widely criticised by film critics.
Person 1: I'm watching Blade Runner in class today.

Person 2: Watching a blank screen would be a more pleasant and interesting experience.
by MPF-FILM-NOIR-MONT-BLANC March 27, 2009
A totally down to earth film reviewer. Different to most critics as he reviews popular films he considers did not deserve the attention they gained, hence the reason he is 'confused'. He explains why in a clear and detailed fashion and offers solid arguments as to why a film was bad.
Confused Matthew:
They may as well as hung a neon sign over the water that says "this way to the secret Gungan city".
by Arkatos August 25, 2010
A good but not great movie. People who don't know anything about movies think its one of the greatest movies of all time. It has cool parts and its better than average, but there are about a billion better movies. I would rather kill myself than watch this again and Ive watched it about 3 times. If you think this is the greatest movie ever it just means you dont pay attention to certain aspects of movie direction and you are not quite a film buff. its ok though, because being a true film buff prevents you from enjoying 99% of movies. but just because you fantasize about enforcing justice yourself with guns does not mean the movie is good. you might as well say transformers is good because you fantasize about having big robot friends. just because you like the concept doesnt mean the actual movie is good
Boondock saints is so sick
yes its ok
Dude the boondock saints is the greatest movie ever
lol, no
by waaaat November 11, 2011