Most Popular Film Words

The stuff you fast forward through to get to the sex scenes in a pr0n film.
Dammit, "Candy", I don't care about your acting career. Screw the plot building, and nail someone already.
by ExtremeBob September 05, 2006
Porn film or part of a porn film in which an only actor or actress masturbates.
When I watch "Justin solo" I get so hot I nearly come without touching myself.
by Vicent Tur September 04, 2007
The Internet Movie Database. Also, in its forums, members often feel the need to break out their thesauruses to "be" intelligent.
Endless whit/vocabulary/see how smart I can sound battles take place everyday in the IMDB forums, as do in most others.
by Jon devon September 22, 2007
A movie that was made in 1995. Clueless has the famous quote that my dad likes to use to scare off boys. clueless is a comedy film.
"Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you."

"You think I'm a mentally retarded airhead?"

by tinkerbell10121 August 18, 2008
Acronym for "What movie is this from" created by the pioneer of asynchronous gaming "DVDQuotes" on twitter.
WMITF? "You're gonna die CLOWN!"
by Troy Payne September 17, 2008
The male equivalent of 'chick flick'. A man's movie
Dave, wanna get some cold ones and watch Platoon? I'm in the mood for a dick flick
by eithne lonergan September 24, 2008
A character in the film tropic thunder
Les Grossman

He wants you to literally "FUCK YOUR OWN FACE"
by bwat January 04, 2009
A word that people who think they are smart use instead of "motion picture," "picture," or "movie."

Not to say that "film" is a bad or stupid word. After all, it's just a word.

But for the most part, people with an air of pretension, in other words people who haven't necessarily earned the right to be a smart douche, tend to use it.

Also, people who refer to motion pictures as "films" tend to insist that everyone else use the term and often times believe that those who say "movie" are idiots.
Bill- Hey William, wanna go see the new Harry Potter movie?

William- Excuse me, I believe that they are called films, and no, I'd rather not see some mainstream garbage film. I prefer to watch films made by underground directors at my local bijou.


William- There Will be Blood is by far my favorite film. It shows how corrupt that the oil industry has become.

Bill- I see it as more of a movie showing how one man can become so corrupt with power and money. But I see where you are coming from Will.

William- Actually, its WILLIAM, and they're called FILMS, and you wouldn't no the first thing about the art of film. I mean, I am the one that regularly writes film reviews on IMDB

Bill- Doesn't that stand for the Internet MOVIE Database

William- That's not important!
by F1lmSn0B July 22, 2009
the inability to remember within the first 10 minutes of a movie whether or not you have seen it before.
"Wait a minute, I think i've already seen this movie before."

"Are you stupid or do you've just have a case of filmnesia?"
by relaxfrancis October 13, 2009
noun - the erroneous bullshit of a script for a movie when doing dailies. Bruce Willis coined the phrase and uses it when shooting films when he gets rid of the unwanted dialogue or actions.
Kevin Smith: And then Bruce Willis was looking at the script for scenes 4 & 8 and goes, 'Chuffa. Chuffa' and starts ripping out page after page. ... I'm shocked and I ask what's Chuffa? And Bruce says, 'Chuffa's chuffa.' So I go, okay, I really don't know what "chuffa" is. What is it? Then he says, 'It's "Oh, what a nice picture. What a cute dog. Where's the fucking bomb?" It's that bullshit that slows down the entire movie.'
by wookiecookie15 January 29, 2011

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