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The feeling you get while watching a very, very good movie, or movie scene....
"I got a filmgasm while watching V for vandetta"
I got a Filmgasm when watching the Slow motion scenes in 300
by arnthor Ingi March 27, 2007
A full length film documentary. A popular genre of feature film shown in theaters alongside more common genres. A form of cinema popularized and pioneered by Michael Moore.
"Michael Moore's new movumentary really opened my eyes"
by Steve Monroe January 23, 2008
The new genre of male oriented romantic comedy films designed to attract men so they will actually go and watch something that their girlfriend will like. They are generally themed to make guys really like the jokes and humor, but have enough of a message and romance to keep the girl happy.
Hey where's Steve? Oh, he has taken his girlfriend to that new Dickflick 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'.
by Turbo7 July 08, 2009
A superior piece of software used for encoding video/audio, which is powered by AviSynth, dotnetfx and several other command line applications. Noted for it's steep learning curve, but excellent quality video if configured correctly. Mostly used for encoding in Xvid and H.264 formats, which makes it suitable for making iPod-compatible files.
Guy 1: "Dude, I just made a rip of my new Star Wars DVD using the latest version of MeGui. The quality is awesome and it's only 1GB in size!"

Guy 2: "That's sweet dude."
by crazyzeke October 06, 2009
A book that was adapted into a movie.
- Yo, The Reader was so the best boovie ever!
- Yeah, and Harry Potter 6 so wasn't.


- Hey, does Watchmen count as a boovie?
- What do you mean?
- Well technically it's a graphic novel, not a book.
- It's made of hundreds of pieces of paper, bound together at the spine, and people read it: it's a freakin' book.
by Philmography October 31, 2009
a sick place for indie viduals
individual=indie vidual. get it? hahaa i <3 BIGSTARtv
by BIGSTAR! December 07, 2009
a film or television series (such as the film and show Crash) in which multiple stories are told through different viewpoints, usually an overused concept found in many movies and shows
The movie Love, Actually is a crash course film because it shows the stories of different individuals
by Mister_E January 02, 2010
The law states that: "no matter how bad a movie is it will still be better than Basic"
John: "I went to see The Expendables" yesterday and it was terrible"

David: "Hamid's law applies. It's better than Basic!"
by LuoTuo August 27, 2010
when your at home pretending your at the cinema
at home watching a movie on a big tv this is called a cimina
by smurphy101 May 22, 2011
A moviegoer who stays till the very end, through the credits. Motivation for such behavior includes the chance of a post-credits scene, paying respect to the many creators of the film, avoiding the crowd at the exit, waiting for one's skin and eyes to recover from a lacrymal profusion, pointing out unique names in the credits, enjoying the music, or just appreciating the dark.
"Just to warn you," she said, settling into her red velvet seat, "I'm a deadender."
"That's okay," he responded, reaching over and taking a handful of popcorn, "so am I."
by Furquis January 04, 2013

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