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A film technique in which an actor who quits or dies in the middle of filming a movie is replaced by a lookalike who is shot mostly from the back. Named for Shemp Howard, a member of the Three Stooges who died of a stroke during the production of several Stooges films.
In the middle of the film "Return of the Pink Panther," Inspector Jaques Clouseau's plane crashed into the ocean, presumably to hide the fact that the actor that portrayed him, Peter Sellers, had just died. In a few shots, Inspector Clouseau is seen from the back as an actor impersonates his voice, a technique known as "shemping."
by Andrew Maxwell Triska November 19, 2005
To perform extremely well in something and subsequently fall from grace with such amazing speed it makes one's head spin.

Originated from Eddie Murphy's performance in the excellent "Dreamgirls" to his current piece of shit film "Norbit"
How does one go from one great movie to such a shitty movie so quickly?

Joe used to be the leading scorer on this basketball team...now he puts up enough bricks to build a shelter for the homeless. This nigga pulled a Norbit, BIG time.
by DJHill February 25, 2007
A name given to counterfeit/pirated DVD videos of current or up'n'coming film releases. Often sold by Koreans in MacDonalds or Subway. If you ask them nicely, they may also have some adult cheebechees for your liking.
New Cheebechee! Four pound!
by Letiss February 17, 2008
An adjective to describe a movie
I liked that film, but it was too storyliney for me. I would have liked more action or useless violence
by Brown Bear :) July 22, 2008
In film, the shot where people are looking into the camera as if it were a computer.
My favorite part of the scene was the computer view the director used in the beginning.
by Ross Alagna January 16, 2009
A lover of movies
Dude! look at my dvd collections, I'm such a moviephile.
by adamlunatone November 21, 2010
a film intentionally made to fit into the "B" movie genre, but done so well it is a really good film, unlike your standard "B" movie
"Machete" is intentionally cheesy, but the great acting and direction make it B+ movie, not a B movie.
by robert dylan thomas February 06, 2011
An adjective used to describe a film that is classic and/or well known, but bad. Often, they are remembered by many only as being a bad movie. Examples include the Joel Schumacher Batman films and The Star Wars Holiday Special.
The Star Wars Holiday Special is very classically bad.
by FilmStudent December 29, 2011
A film made directly from a novel.
Little Children, It, and Hunger Games are all great examples of novel films.
by Oneironauts July 23, 2012