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Most Popular Film Words

When a video camera is made to record slower resulting in a fast playback motion.
Undercranking is sometimes used in old car chase films where the director was not able to have cars moving at faster speeds on the area of road.
by XomBeh September 14, 2007
When you convince a young hipster girl that she needs to blow you for your film.
I galloed this girl at NYFA this afternoon
by nsh1212 March 07, 2008
a film production company based in puh-hoe-nix.
did you see niffer flicker's new production? it kicked ass.
by timothy (not the cat) April 01, 2008
a horror movie made in koper, slovenia
I love sanja.
I go to cinema every week to see sanja.
by pomaranca April 04, 2008
a simple word for "western movie"
I used to like terns, about cowboys particularly
by Andrius M. iamlonesome April 07, 2008
The fourth installment of the "Fantastic" series. Not as acclaimed as its prequels.
Peter- "Did you see Fantastic 4?"
Jules- "Nah man, I haven't even seen the first three."
Peter- "Okay."
by TakingThingsOutOfContext January 12, 2009
A movie that has boobies in it.
Katharine: Wanna watch a moobie?
Brian: Are you a lesbian?
by moobiewatcher June 13, 2010
Testosterone Festival, the male equivalent of a chick flick
"The A Team" is a test fest
by wordlover28 February 10, 2011
A term used to describe someone who, enjoys a series of movies based on books. Such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Twilight. However, they have never actually read any of the books.
Sarah: Hey did you like the last harry potter movie?
Cecelia: Yeah, it was awesome!
Sarah: Yeah, but I kind of liked the book more.
Cecelia: Oh, I've never read that.
Sarah: You've never read the book? What a Non-Reader..
by Clawdea December 03, 2011
A shit action movie
Josh: "Hey have any of youse cunts seen Seagal in his latest craption movie?"
Tom: "nah, any good?"
Josh: "Nah mate"
by PabloThePotter June 17, 2013