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To get festive, to get in the Holiday Spirit.
"I'm tired of all of you pooh-poohing the office Holiday Party. They'll have free booze and food! C'mon, it's time to festivate!"
by Aubrey Sabala November 30, 2006
A person (typically a commoner) that becomes famous via the internet usually through a video sharing site like youtube.com or a social network like myspace.com.
The Star Wars kid became an interlebrity after the spread of his sad, yet comical video.
by J. Daniel December 19, 2007
when screaming fangirls attack celebrities by way of hugging and not letting go, kissing, screaming, etc. Usually these are teenage girls
I was pretty cool when we saw Robert Pattinson, but my best friend totally fangirlized him.
by Nessie the Monster October 13, 2009
That of a superstar; cool, famous, a celebrity
When I get to be a model, I'll have so much star-ity!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
World famous celebrity and fashion journalist. The voice of youth culture.
Justin Bobby: I hope one day Marny will interview me.
Audrina: She interviewed me last week.
by A. Wintour February 04, 2010
The guy who seems to be in every movie, every TV show, but you still don't know his name.
Girl: "Hey, look! Its him again!"

Guy: "Who?"
Girl: "You know, the guy from that movie we saw...? That guy!"

Guy: "Right."
by bowlingbabe October 16, 2010
A celebration involving sushi.
Kelsey just got promoted we are going to have a sushibration!
by Riley27 May 12, 2011
This is celebrated throughout the entire month of September. In this month all the girls and women out there can appreciate how hot guys are as much as they want, and no one will care except for themselves. A great month to stare at your crush all day.
Person 1: Uh... why are you staring at Nick?
Person 2: Didn't you know? It's guy hotness appreciation month! I can ogle him all I want all month.
by N@y September 24, 2011
v. The present act of eating bacon. Can be used in past, present, or future tense: Ex. "baconing", "baconed", or "will bacon".
Tim: What are you going to do today?
Jim: I'm going home to go bacon!
Tim: Can I come too??
Jim: No way, get your own!

Sally: I baconed yesterday, it was delicious!
Sue: I'll be baconing tomorrow!
by pseudonym778 August 05, 2012
A misunderstood pop star who is judged by songs she didn't even write. People think she writes about lesbian concepts because of the six songs people have actually fucking heard on the radio. People judge her because of these songs, but then once they listen to one of her other forty-some songs, including the ones she wrote herself, they realize "Oh shit, she's actually an amazing singer, songwriter, performer, and way more successful than me!" She is a flawless, amazing human, and the first female to ever have 5 singles hit the #1 spot from one album.
Person: "Oh, Katy Perry can't sing."
Person: *actually listens to her songs*
Person: "Oh shit! She's amazing!"
by ***Wut?*** March 31, 2013