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To put it simply: Johnny Depp
"God, that guy is sexy!"
"What are you talking about? He isn't Johnny Depp."
by muffinmonster April 19, 2008
80 56
A special type of celebration that occurs after you have taken a gigantic shit. The method of action is, as soon as the disaster falls, you jump in the air as high as possible with a clinched fist while shouting "YEEEEAAAHHHH!!!".
The bathroom floor was painted brown and dripping due to John's most recent celebshit-tion.

Never celebshitate if you have diarrhea. Amanda figured this out the hard way.
by numandina October 29, 2008
15 8
1) The day of your birth.
2) The final step in procreation.
3) The day you were shat into existence.
1)It's Jim's birthday today! Let's celebrate the day he was a slimy ball of fleshy meat sliding out of his mother!
by SSBrando January 15, 2009
29 18
A low two is when a man's balls smack a female's bottom during a celebratory final thrust after great sex. Like a high five.
L: We had to low two after sex last night; it was that good. Balls deep with a satisfying smack!
by KKrazy April 17, 2009
18 7
the legal way to stalk celebrities
im going to go on twitter to see what joe jonas is up to. then i can tweet to him my thoughts. hopefully he'll read it.
by im in love with the pena June 27, 2010
40 10
The fabrication of celebrity; the manufacturing of a celebrity for capital gain.
The celebrication of Paris Hilton can be attributed to the release of a sex tape in 2003, which brought the celebutante to a new level of fame, leading to magazine covers, a book deal, and a reality TV series.

The surfacing of celebrity sex tapes has become so common that some in the popular media have suggested that celebrity agents and PR representatives sometimes purposely allow the releases to celebricate their client's career.
by Brian Rushton Phillips August 16, 2010
24 8
The act to celebrate very hard after a good play. Most often referred to a hockey or LAX celebration.
Man Johnny cellyed so hard after that dirty goal.

Man Cellying is so easy when you nip cheddar like me.
by DangleDangleSnipe October 26, 2010
18 9
THE definition of awesome. To have this as a second name is cool to have this as a first name is GODLIKE!
Mark Corrigan = cool
Corrigan Shimmings = awesome
by Yoora Juan Ker December 08, 2010
49 23
Home to: Elvis, Justin Timberlake, Three Six Mafia, Lucy Hale, Linda Thompson (Brody Jenner's Mom), Shannen Doherty (from Beverly Hills, 90210), Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Eightball and MJG, Morgan Freeman, Al Green, Ginnifer Goodwin, W.C. Handy, Ingram Hill, Isaac Hayes, Jerry Lee Lewis, Zach Myers (lead guitarist in Shinedown), Michael Oher, Chris Parnell, Dan Schnider (producer/writer of Zoey 101, iCarly, All That, The Amanda Show, What I Like about You, Kenan and Kel, Drake and Josh, Big Fat Liar), Fred Smith (Founder of FedEx), Danny Thomas (entertainer and founder of Saint Jude's Children Research Hospital), Ike Turner, Ida B. Wells, Andrew VanWyngarden (lead singer of MGMT), Loren Roberts (pro golfer), designer Dana Buchman, and B.B. King
Whoaaa, I didn't know ALL those people were from/lived in Memphis?
by gaga432 February 28, 2011
35 20
Someone who is only attracted to celebrities that in the most case far too old and already taken and don't know your existstance. A Celesexual is determined that he/she is in a serious relationship with these celebrities.
Girl: I'm marrying Justin Bieber soon!
Boy: no you wont he has a girlfriend and don't know you exist!
Girl: One day I will...
Boy: wow your such a Celesexual all you do is fall in love with celebrities and no one else!
Girl: ....
by Immy12 March 30, 2013
41 5