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A term reffering to the Jewish new years holiday Rosh Hashanah
Yo, man Happy Jew Years. 5767... sounds like a good one.
by Jon Levine September 24, 2006
A person who is famous for being famous, they have no actual tallent or use to society. There are many ways of becoming a professional celebrity, you can appear on TV shows, date somebody who is already famous, have lots of money, or you can get famous simply by having a lot of sex appeal!
Seeparis hilton, chantelle

person 1: Hey did you watch big brother... that chantelle woman became a celeb JUST because she was a housemate.

person 2: Yeah, shes a professional celebrity.
by Woodworm March 08, 2007
Just like it's used to describe common celebrations like Christmas and Easter, it refers to a party involving people coming together to have a good time and participating in the events and activities, usually invloving in music, sex, drugs and alcohol, that are taking place at a persons home.
Apparantely everyone is merrymaking up at some hussey's house tonight over in Alfredon, be there or be square.
by benjiUØCH August 26, 2007
Just a regular person with lots of money and lots of attention.
Jack, "Would you consider me a celebrity?"
Frank, "Go buy me a soda."
Jack, "Think I've got a million dollars or something?"
Frank, "Then no."
by Lord Razzola February 18, 2008
Sexy Teen Celebrity.
Cole looks so fine!
by Caitlyn Sprouse January 27, 2009
An internet celebrity is an individual
whose fame is primarily derived from their Internet presence. Many of the top web
celebs have a proven following that rivals popular television programs.
Specifically, the iStardom Top 10 has a fan base exceeding 8 million people.

Web celebrities are an entirely new breed of stars and ones that have rising
influence," said Daisy Whitney, TelevisionWeek's new media reporter and host of
the New Media Minute. Brand marketers, production companies, and
traditional media should pay attention to who's hot online and find creative
ways to partner with them.
An in internet celebrity is someone whose primary source of fame originates from the Internet." This is in contrast to news sources, movies, TV, books, etc.
by clockiop February 14, 2009
to party
Did you go to that awesome chombo last night? It was totally out of control!!!

I'm chombin!
by pizza chombo May 13, 2009
Consolation found by mediocre people, in the stupidity of celebrities and people in power.
Stupid is awesome because it makes guys like me look smart.
by rperazag June 17, 2010
n. celebrity the girl form of "courtney" she usually is an absolutey beautiful young woman in every way possible. she is gorgeous, her mind is sharp as a blade and her vocabulary and easy command of the english language both astounds and impresses, further she has the most wonderful personality you could ever ask for in a girl. she is kind to her man and would do anything for him that she loves she is faithful and no man need ever wonder about her. she is the absolute perect girl to have if you are into smart pretty girls and serious relationships. do not be alarmed if she goes mysteriously silent after youve said somthing stupid, shes just hurt and shes trying not to say anything because even though you may have broken her heart 1000 times she would never want to hurt you. she isnt weak tho, quite to the contrary hers is the inner strength of a lioness, this on top of phenomenal beauty and astounding intelligence make her one to be respected and never taken for granted.
hey man do you see that girl? shes such a cortney id love to get with her
by thatother8.1.10kid June 19, 2011
Violently spiking an object (most common is a football) to the ground in celebration.
Gronking a department store mannequin leg.
by NUChickens December 15, 2011

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