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The tards flapping about on MTV, admired by girls aged 11-18 and anyone else with their mobile phone up their ass. Nobody should be obsessed over celebrities and if they are they are either a) a girl or b) a sped.
If you watch E! News, TRL (Total Retard Live) or anything to do with MTV other than programs that actually play music (and Beavis and Butthead - they rule) then you are a turd and should burn.
by Didda Tinkle May 21, 2004
Pretentious fuck whom many people find amusing in a "I'm semi-conscious because its five past fuck-knows-what-hour and hey here's some late night TV - oh this guys funny, but only because my brain is concentrating most of its energy on digestion" sort of way. Characteristics of the Letterman include corny predictable jokes, cabaret music, boring celebrity guests and a good old wank. Apparently the Letterman likes his studio nice and cold, so when a journalist asked why it was so cold in there some PR person was all grovelling-like "because Letterman likes it that way" - what sort of self-centered fucking bullshit is that? Do you control the fucking atmospheric temperature now as well as the airwaves between 3 and 4 am?
"I hope my girlfriend gets this letter man"
by Lawson March 30, 2005
1. A loser who walks on red carpets and gets more eyes than a Shelby Cobra.

2. Someone who gets money that they don't deserve.

3. Someone who is perceived a deity in American culture.
Stop focusing on celebrity issues. Who cares who got married/divorced/cheated on/or has a baby, everyone else does!

And for those damn teenage girls: Ignore these people, they are not important, they are not a role model who you believe is posisitive influence.

I condemn celebrities because they are stuck-up morons who can't do anything good for the world and are a distraction to real issues. They are artificial people, and I am not jealous of them, just don't pay any attention to them, and anything so see in a damn supermarket or whatever, don't buy it if you see their name/face on it. It's pointless shit, really, it is...
by idonthavaname August 04, 2006
Person who becomes famous, only for having a myspace with billions of friends.

example: Anthony Vanity, Jeffree Star, Tila Tequila, Forbidden
Dude, she's somebody, she's a myspace celebrity!
by simplydumb March 26, 2007
A girl whom has a intense interest or obsession with a certain person, or character, whether in fiction or reality.

It can be a 'epidemic' victimizing those of ALL ages. And often cannot be helped..

This can go from mild fangirl tendency of knowing their profile, joining fansites/news sites, having pictures and watching/reading/listening to everything by themm

to the extremes of overpossessiveness and jealousy of their chosen fangirling whom may have a outside life (aka a girlfriend etc)Also these fans can become so interested by their celebrities as to stalk them in reality or bash other celebrities around their 'chosen one'...
though by the time stalking becomes a common time..the fineline between a fangirl and a stalker is crossed..

this is not a derogatory term...there are many obsessions/hobbies all over the world. Fangirling is just any other interesting out there..

And contrary to popular belief, fangirls do have lives outside of their celebrity interest *rolls eyes*
Normal Fangirling
= files of music/pictures/shows/books from the person of interest on their computer or in their room
=keeping up with the latest news on their celebrity interest
= being aware of their obsessive nature

Extreme Fangirling
= Kame and the Yarakashi incident (google)
= "No you can't like him he is mine!!"
by MysteryMeat August 15, 2007
An Event which alot of people wait for and it turns out to be the worst event
did you see the Oscars? well i turned off the t.v when i read the nomineez
by mulele simasiku February 24, 2008
A yell of celebration by an individual or a group.

Can be also used after a person has been insulted.
You're mother is a whore!


The Red Sox are kicking the shit out of the yankees! BOOSH
by drunknesmonsta August 20, 2008
Is what people scream on a football match when a goal is scored.

Supporter 1: Well, yesterday i call Tracy and them she said that...



by Chullage September 30, 2008
Celebratory sex, similar to giving a "High 5," a low one is meant to congratulate someone for an achievment with sexual favors.
After getting a big raise at work, Jeremy's wife suggested celebrating with a Low One
by Sheepdog_18 May 22, 2009
Kerri Week is the most awesome week of the year. It is a week of celebration that begins on at April 30th and ends on May 6th.
I can't wait- Kerri Week is coming up ! It's the sickest celebration of the year ! Finally a week where I can do plenty of awesome things !
by gLeeK3 January 23, 2010