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Although some may dissagree, is one of the better, more hoenst celebrities. Has realesed 4 great albums, and wont stop jsut because you don' like her.
Hilary Duffs albums include, but are not limited to Metamorphasis, Hilary Duff, and Most Wanted
by They Call me A August 29, 2006
A night of female homosexual activity among heterosexual groups of friends... most commonly on a Saturday night. This tradition originated in the West Country and is enthusiastically celebrated.
Happy 'Fezza' Day!!!!
by The Weston fezza girls September 18, 2007
Benefits, perks, free items which are given to celebrities; may include expensive gifts, free meals and exotic vacations, and free or preferred admittance into clubs and events specifically because of status.
Celebrity walks into a jewelry store, admires an item, and the owner gives "swag" (whatever the celebrity has admired) to him or her, just because of who he or she is.
by Calvin Tatsey September 10, 2008
The act of celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama.
After we watched the swearing in ceremony, we all went out Obamabrating.
by Scott J Hernandez January 20, 2009
a celebration of an anniversary, only by month
It's Ahmed Paglinawan's 11th monthsary in Facebook.
by mookee February 26, 2009
Celebrationg too much after scoring a goal on a computer game.
Look at Dean, hes doing a Judge!
by Flembod March 31, 2009
The art of wanking whilst tweeting (using Twitter).

This is more commonly the response to a celebrity who has responded to a fellow tweeter.
@therealdavidbeckham hi @snedwan how are you doing.

@snedwan oh fuck me, david beckham has just tweeted me, I'm so excited I'm going to have to start twanking.
by Snedwan April 07, 2009
A Internet Celebrity. A girl who has everyone on the planet idolizing and wanting to be just like her. They are typically known for their outrageous hair, make-up and stylish clothes. They have authentic and hi-fashion clothing and accessories. Everybody loves a Scene Queen! Wheather you are rich or poor they never look cheap. Always looking perfect and flawless hence that where the Celebrity part comes in. Usually they have every account known to earth on the internet i.e Stickam, Myspace, Buzznet, Facebook, Twitter, ect. Some of the Well know Scene Queens include #1 Audrey Kitching, Jefree Star, Jac Vanek, Hannah Beth, Zui Suicide, Kiki Kannibal (Even though everybody hates her) Brittany Thrillkill, Brittany Kramer, Hannie Dropkick, Hilary Haywire, Raquel Reed...there are way too many to list all here. The Scene Queens are royalty. A good example would be if you've ever seen the movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan. Take the "Plastics" for example, a 'Scene Queen' is like a Plastic. Pretty, perfect and popular. Popularity on the Internet mostly that is. And then there is a wide majority of those Wannabees or wgatever you wanna call them. They are easily spotted from a mile away and look like they got dressed at the Good Will of mis-matched clothing.
Girl 1: OMG!!! There she is Brittany Thrillkill the famous Scene Queen and I got her autograph!!!!!!!!!

Girl 2: Psh, I got Kiki's autograph!!

Girl 3: Kiki haha rofl she's a slutand she is more like infamous. Kinda like John Hock.

Girl 4: Brittany and Hannah are the coolest and prettiest Scene Queens!!! I love their hair and style is friggin aaaaawesome
by DiDiwest87 November 17, 2009
In other words, legalized fucking.
You can't have sex until marriage! God has the right to dictate when, how, and whom you fuck with!
by Fleursdelily February 23, 2010
To be accused of Sexually Assaulted.
I can't believe Jenny was Roethlisbergered last night.
by me88888 April 13, 2010

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