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From the movie 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'. A skeevy loser that hooks up with underage girls because of his job at the mall and ability to drive them to 'the point' in his '78 T-Bird.
"I've known him since high school, and he's still banging 16 year-olds that come into the Radio Shack. He's totally Ron Johnson, Audio Consultant!"
by ~x~barbird~ v January 06, 2009
Doesn't have to be 6am, but anytime your partner rolls over for an unexpected bonin'/love session.
"He usually sleeps 'til noon, but he woke up today with a 6am surprise."
by ~x~barbird~ v January 06, 2009
a guy that not only cock-blocks, but steals the girl as well.
"I cannot believe she left with him! He is such a furburglar!"
by ~x~barbird~ v January 06, 2009
Cute and cuddly as a dove, but down and dirty like a city pigeon!
"That girl might be shy in public, but she's a Dirty Dove in the sack!"
by ~x~barbird~ v January 06, 2009
A tall, skinny/lanky individual that is still undeniably hot.
"Look at Mick Jagger in 'Gimme Shelter'. He's such a Sexy String Bean!"
"Damn! Keira Knightly is a Sexy String Bean!"
by ~x~barbird~ v January 06, 2009
That weird guy in the group. He wasn't invited, but somehow shows up to nibble away at everyone's good time.
"No matter how much ecstasy and Viagra I took, i still wouldn't fuck that Nibler!"
by ~x~barbird~ v January 06, 2009
A partner that needs lots of lovin's. A chronic snuggler.
insensitive guy:"What's wrong baby?"
oversensitive girl:"My love sponge is dry!"
by ~x~barbird~ v January 06, 2009
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