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A fox-demon so adorably cute that you just wanna punch him upside the cranium.

Look up "Shippo"
Wow, he has ears and a tail like a Fox, His name must be Elias o.o
by ~the Raven~ January 24, 2008
This is a great energy drink made by the Skeet from WWE Supper Star's, Black Halk (Hobbit) and Old Dude. Its a well known Fact that 90% of energy drinks contain a supplement made from Bull Skeet called "Taurine", So with the great knowledge off Old Dude, and the Never ending flow of Skeet and extremely high levels of Taurine from the Hobbit, They soon made a creation that was tasty, gave you more energy the any energy drink out there, and did not make you crash like other drinks do. The drink did not make it to the out without a fight, do to the Fine print within Hobbits contract with Lords of the Bling, not allowing him to endorse products not sponsored though there Fraction. WWE Supper Starts Duke and Ice Stated there embarrassment with Black Halk since his return from the Jungle, and Since then, aloud him to Produce his Energy Drink, as long as it held the Crown Seal of Lord of the Bling on the label. At last knowledge, this Product will be hitting shelves in Europe and other countries by late 2008.
Man, I am sleepy as hell, I am going to drink me some of that Great Taisting Skeet Juice, Lord's of the Bling, Rock!
by ~the Raven~ January 25, 2008

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