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Fanfiction written by an author going by the name of "Oscar". Characterized by horrible spelling and grammar, as well as "Oscarisms".
Oscar was the first and hopefully only fanfiction author to write a Sailor Moon SI lemon involving Artemis (a cat) and Oscar (the self-insertion character, a hermaphrodite).
It's especially wrong when you consider that Oscar's fanfiction was written when "he" (Oscar claimed to be a hermaphrodite in real life) was 13.
Several of Oscar's fanfics were MSTed by Megane 6.7.
I read them and am permanently scarred.
by ~tenuto~ November 16, 2004
A phrase used in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxyseries.
A mild expression of astonishment, similar in meaning to "Well, that's interesting" or "Well DAMN!", but far far more amusing.
X: Hey Y, did you hear?
Y: What?
X: They're actually going to enforce the dress code now.
Y: *pauses* ...well doesn't that just take the biscuit.
by ~tenuto~ November 16, 2004
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