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Much like a home-wrecker, a clique wrecker is a person who joins a clique and befriends everyone, then soon after, causes a big dramatic fight, making the original clique to hate each other.
Girl 1: Hey look, that clique wrecker Ralph is hanging out with the goth kids now.

Girl 2: Yeah. It's a shame, really. Within a week all those kids will hate each other because of her.
by ~meatsandwich~ May 14, 2009
The term used after putting lots of Visine into someones eyes.
Usually happens after smoking weed.
Guy 1:"How come Laura's eyes aren't red, you can't even tell she's stoned."

Guy 2:"that's because I soaked 'er balls after our sesh."
by ~meatsandwich~ April 20, 2009
Phrase meaning someone is being a tool and needs to stop doing so.
Guy One-Man, Mike is such a terd.
Guy Two-Yeah, he really needs to shuffle the tool cards.
by ~meatsandwich~ October 23, 2009

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