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Bareback: Vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or oral intercourse without the use of a condom.
Frank was bareback when he had sex with Francis.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Jack Off: When a male masturbates.
Fank is going to jack off in his room.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
1)Slang for fart
2)a loud sound
3)the blast hole on the side of a bong or pipe
4)To bounce your butt up and down during sexual intercourse
5)To snort powdery illegal drugs
1)Frank's toot smelled really bad.
2)Frank let out a really loud toot.
3)Frank's toot is plugged.
4)Francis toot toot real good last night.
5)Frank can toot like nobody's buisness!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Dick Licker: a male or female that enjoys sucking on a male's penis (see blow job)
Francis sucked Frank's penis all night, what a dick licker!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Ding Ding: 1)The penis
2)A very pleasurable hand job.
1)Frank likes his ding ding.
2)Francis gives great ding dings.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Kneegrow: A nickname given to a person of african american descent.
Frank is african american, Frank is black, Frank is kneegrow.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Ass Fucker: an offencive name given to a male who has sexual intercourse with another male or female in the anal(or rectem) area.
Frank is an Ass Fucker.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004

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