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1)place that dumb fucks come from
2)a whore house
1)"hey man go back home to fucksville"
2)"man i just came back from the fucksville down the street, theres some hot ass women there"
by ~_0 April 22, 2003
when a guy cums, his sperm flies across the room and splooshes against the wall, floor, hot women.
last night i impressed my girlfriend by doing a snow missile
by ~_0 April 22, 2003
a cut down, crappy ass come back
-"Dude I was doin your mom last night and she wants me back tonight too, she said something about bringing her girlfriend"
-"Well...umh...Your Mom
by ~_0 April 21, 2003
I have to agree with:A Pissed off son-of-Bitch (who wants nothing more). Because we've heard the same thing for almost all entries and its fucking tiring to read something you've already heard at least twenty times
fags that continue to write the same thing in here have mullets
by ~_0 April 21, 2003
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