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Dolce and Gabanna are two filthy rich men from Italy, who design beautiful clothing for any one who can afford their pieces of art. For example, their masterpieces have been exibited on such bodies as JLo (as in the infamous green dress) and other hi profile celebs, and some well off people own dolce and gabanna pieces too.
I love all of my dolce and gabanna, it is the best clothing I own!
by ~Theresa~ November 13, 2004
The new Snoop Dogg song ft. Justin Timberlake, and Charlie Wilson.
"Yo Dogg, ur new vid is da sh*t. Kep it gangsta foo."
by ~Theresa~ March 28, 2005
is a new word that is blowin up! use it in place of DA BOMB that is so out, bombi is hip, new, fresh, and kool. use it to describe sumthing good

>Damn! Pherrell is bombi, i could just see us together

>Girl u wack, Usher is a total bombi, ill give him the best fellatio

> Oh, girl, fellatio is bombi.
Lets have a L
Cunnilingus from me, is like the bombi fellatio from Stacy.
by ~Theresa~ May 13, 2004

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