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6 definitions by ~The Wizard~

Possibly the only band out there whose fans are more aggressive than Justin Bieber's.
Random guy: I hate One Direction.
Directioner: KILL HIM!!!!!
by ~The Wizard~ January 07, 2013
Haha I see what you did there... funny.

Look up anything, like your city
by ~The Wizard~ January 07, 2013
That weird word you always see Urban Dictionary telling you to look up.
Look up any word, like bootylicious:
by ~The Wizard~ January 05, 2013
A once-talented actress who threw her whole career and life into the toilet.
Guy #1: Hey do you like Lindsay Lohan?
Guy #2: I used to....
by ~The Wizard~ January 05, 2013
Literally the WORST thing that was ever cut from school. It was replaced with longer classes and study hall.
John: *raises hand and yawns* "Teacher, when's naptime?
Teacher: "John, stop being a smartass and get back to work!"
John: "Damn it."
by ~The Wizard~ February 23, 2013
What stupid people or people trying to be funny look up because Urban Dictionary tells them to.
Idiot: *reads "look up anything, like your first name"* Hmmm well I have nothing else to do so I'm going to literally search up "your first name".
by ~The Wizard~ January 06, 2013