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An oxymoron used in urbandictionary.com's suggestion for non-copyrighted material to upload.
"Don't upload copyrighted content - send a drawing, a Microsoft Paint masterpiece, or a photo you took"
by ~The Nameless One~ May 25, 2005
The opposite of high. Comes after being really high, then you just... aren't high. That's a great contrast, so you feel low.

A form of depression that comes after being high.
What goes up... must come down.
by ~The Nameless One~ May 16, 2005
What are required to go along with every urbandictionary definition.

It's somewhat ridiculous that you have to use the word in the example, since you can amply do so without using the word.
No examples required. (But there's one anyway)
by ~The Nameless One~ September 19, 2005
The politically correct term for water that hasn't solidified.

Just kidding.

Soda, pop, coke, cola, carbonated beverage, sugar filled yummy goodness, etc...
... And I think there's some other types of soft-drinks, but they fight for media attention too much so that's all my brainwashed mind knows.
by ~The Nameless One~ September 16, 2005
id is a software company too, pronounced like the last part of "did" NOT like I'd or I-D (as in identification).

They're best known for Quake (multiplayer) and Doom (singleplayer) game series'. They make other games too though, like Wolfenstein.
Yes, the later Doom series' have multiplayer (only holds four max though...) and Quake has singleplayer.

But like Call of Duty and Battlefield, nobody buys them for the weaker aspect. (Multiplayer, singleplayer, respectively)

id pwnz j00
by ~The Nameless One~ December 13, 2005
The messenger of bad news.

Worth noting: Please do not shoot the messenger.
Rarely is s/he actually involved in the decision of whatever is bad news for you.
Usually, they don't even know what they're delivering.
You know it's a bad day when...

Bob: I hate to be the bad news bear, but... *insert bad news here*
by ~The Nameless One~ October 14, 2005
The only acceptable substitute for good manners.
When Sophie was prayin out loud at dinner tonight, Matt was being obnoxiously loud. She tried to slap him, but his fast reflexes stopped that bitch cold.
by ~The Nameless One~ May 25, 2005
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