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Whoever started talking of the Goths was going way off topic, Goths and goths are two different things. The Goths were a Germanic tribe, goths (gothic sub culture)are people who mainly dress in black and wear stark black and white make-up to make themselves look more mysterious and dark (kinda goes with the theme/the person's interests). They usually associate with Gothic Rock music, but also have interests in Wicca, Pagan etc. There are types of goth whether you like it or not, Traditional/classic, Modern, Romantic, Net (a trivial one)etc. It obviously depends on your interests and gothic is a way of expressing yourself, you can be your own person and 'customize' gothic to suit yourself.It IS label that others may call you if you associate with the examples above, you should not be offened by it, it is NOT an insult, neither does it mean alot so let them say it. You are You essentially, I wouldn't ever try to live up to a label.
Music: Siters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The 69 Eyes, HIM (well, I like them anyway) these are the most popular, but it depends on individual style. I personally hate Cradle of Filth, just not my thing.

*this does not for a moment think that you should immediatley dump those Old Good Charlotte or Greeday, or whatever other music OUTSIDE the gothic rock catergory it is you like also.
'The Rasmus are not goth'-a typical 'more goth than thou' comment, who cares if they are or are not, they good musicians, that's all that matters really. Plus theire lyrics are dark and myserious and I like them.

Interests: art (creative), literature (gothic, eg: Woman in White, Dracula, MUSIC, pagan, wicca, sewing etc...
by ~Sorrow~ February 04, 2005

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