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3 definitions by ~Ry_an~

A person who is attracted to a member of the same sex. Sometimes closed-minded people and religious asses ridicule them for being 'differant". Many are subject to nasty stereotypes aswell. Although, according to a report on ABC news, homosexuals on average have better educations, jobs, and lifestyles when compared to hetrosexuals on average.
My friend Steven just told me he is a homosexual.
by ~Ry_an~ July 04, 2006
Most religions, but especially Christianity.
I am trying to make the point that religion is full of hypocrisy and a bad idea, not trying to write a sentence.
by ~Ry_an~ July 07, 2006
Texts by which many religions are based upon. Basically, books that rule the much of the world.
I really hate the fact that our illiterate civilization would make a bunch of papers (with words on them obviously) their god. And dont get me wrong, I like reading and books. I just dislike those damn religious texts.
by ~Ry_an~ July 07, 2006