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2 definitions by ~MR.D~

Facts (100% True):

-It only takes 1 ninja to screw 1,000,000,000,000 lightbulbs. and a similar amount of girls
-you can't see a ninja until it's too late
-ninjas can tell if a movie is good by looking at the cover
-The n word was a mispronunciation of ninja
-ninjas can beat mimes in the silence game
-a ninja always wins, otherwise they are not ninja
-ninjas don't touch the ground because it is afraid of ninjas
-infinity is just another term ninjas use to count their kills
-ninjas don't wear clothes, that is just their natural camoflauge
-ninja is the explanation for everything
-ninjas can swim on land
"Did you see that ninja-....?" (abrupt pause and silence).
by ~MR.D~ January 11, 2011
The 301 glitch is a common bug on the website Youtube where new videos get a temporary stand at 301 views even though they have thousands of likes/dislikes.The effect may last days or weeks depending on the popularity of the video.
Viral videos often experience the 301 glitch.
by ~MR.D~ April 11, 2011