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Ok, The Philippines is populated by Austronesian people. Austronesia means, "the southern islands." This is the name of our language family as well as our ancient culture and racial stock. For those of you that feel we are ASIAN, in part we are. The Chinese have been coming around since about 1000 AD. They have mixed with us over the years. During the 13th century trade increased with mainland Asia and for a while it became popular and a sign of status to marry a foreign wife among the nobility.

For those of you that feel we are PACIFIC ISLANDERS, the answer to that question is YES. Our native languages are closely related to Indonesian, Microneisan and Polynesian as well as the natives of Taiwan who were there before the Chinese. Like us and other PACIFIC ISLANDERS, they tattooed, have similar mythologies, practiced head-hunting, built canoes etc. So are Filipinos ASIANS or PACIFIC ISLANDERS? The answer is BOTH. Check out: apat-na-alon-tribe.com for info on our ancient tattooing.

This writing style is not indigenous to the Philippines. It was introduced by Indic-Malay traders about the 12th century. This is why words like "langit" are spelled "la-ngi" without the final "T." Hard consenants in Alibata were not used until the Spanish created the "x" or "+" marks to indicate a vowel closing consenant. This also explains why ALIBATA was not used to record histories etc. because it was not native. We passed on our geneologies and history orally like other ancient Austronesian groups. Alibata has been adopted into our culture like so many things in our past.
If you want to do a simple test to see if you are Pacific Islander, go to another Pacific Islander and ask them if "mata" means "eye" in their language too. Chances are that their word will be the same or very similar. Samoan, Tongan and Tahitian say "mata." Hawaiian is "maka." Chamorro is "ata."
by ~L April 22, 2005

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