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Fishin' is the act of using n00bs (or 'Bait' as fishermen will refer to them) to orchestrate a diabolical trap. usually n00bs will draw fire whilst the fisherman remains hidden, once the n00b has weakened the enemy enough, or the n00b tool has died (n00b death is preferred for comical result), the fisherman will use the created chaos to his advantage and pick off any survivors. n00bs should not be made aware of their involvement for satisfactory results...

fishin' can be accomplished in any multiplayer or single player game (if NPCs' can be used)
QQ:"why didnt you help me?! i was getting shot at and you hid behind the damn box!! FAGGOT!! RAAAAARRR!!"
FISHERMAN:"STFU n00b p4wn, i used you as bait while i was fishin' MUAHAH"

QQ has left the game

by ~KHANEX! June 26, 2009
Popularly used within the game "counterstrike: source" by Australians and New Zealanders to parody the word "Cunt",

good for indirect insults towards noobs.
"that noobkak totally teamflashed me... dumb kent"
by ~KHANEX! June 26, 2009

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