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The symbol that represents a dick cumming into a mouth. Usualy typed in text messages when you want to piss people off or suggest the action of doing so.

The "8=D" represents the dick.

The "~" represents the cum.

And the "O:" represents the mouth (with the eyes) being cummed into.
*Texter 1* : "Hey, guess what I did to my girlfriend last night?"

*Texter 2* : "What?"

*Texter 1*: "8=D~O:"

*Texter 2* "Aw, that's gross..."
by ~HidanLover~ August 07, 2010
A gray child or grey child is a person born strait from parents who have white and black decendants.


Basically someone who is half white and half black...thus creating "Grey"/ "Gray"
Bob: "What ethnic backround do you come from?"

Jill: "My mom's black and my dad's white" (or vice versa)

Bob: "Oh, then you must be a gray child!"
by ~HidanLover~ August 06, 2010
Is NOT a canon pairing between three people.

It is a team from the popular manga Naruto. They are known as team 10, and is leaded by Asuma Sarutobi. It consists of the characters:

Ino: a spunky, not very strong, medical ninja who loves Sasuke and is long time rival of Sakura.

Shikamaru: a lazy, but strong willed ninja who uses logic to win. He is closest to Asuma and is best friends with Choji.

Choji: a large but strong ninja who was good friends with Shikimaru since childhood. Shikimaru was the first of their class to show affection and love while Choji was being teased by his friends.

The team was sent to defeat the Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakazu. Hidan succesfully killed Asuma, leading Shikimaru to vow to kill Hdan. A few episodes later, Shikimaru leads Hdan into the woods and buries him deep into the dirt.

The team name InoShikaCho was coined when all three teammates' parents were a team as well. Their parents were: Inoichi Yamanaka (Ino's father), Shikaku Nara (Shikamaru's father), and Choza Akimichi (Choji's father)

"The InoShikaCho team unites again!"

"InoShikaCho assemle!"

Ino = Ram ? - I think

Shika = Deer

Cho = Butterfly
by ~HidanLover~ August 06, 2010

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