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1 definition by ~Hannah~

Modern Poet. One of the best lyricists of our time. Ex- Libertine front man with best mate Carl Barat. Now in sucessful band Babyshambles. Gets featured a lot in Tabloids who don't know him for his music, but for his drug taking and on/off relationship with Kate moss, they often make up crap about him just to sell papers to the thicko's of our society. His son is also very adorable. He also scored 11 A's at GCSE, four of them being A*, and four A's at A level.

Nicknames: Billy Bilo, Pigman.
(Newsagent scene)
person 1: (looking at 'The Sun') Hahahahaaha! it's that junkie scumbag pete doherty!!
person 2: Hahahahahahaa!! have you even heard any of his music?
person 1: (confused expression)he's a musician?
person 2: where have you been all your life?....no no wait, it's obvious....you've been reading The Sun and watching Channel U.
by ~Hannah~ December 26, 2006