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A mating ground for 10 year old nerds, and 40 year old men, because they wont get any in real life. Their mating habits usually consist of 10 year old boys paying 40 year old men (pretending to be girls with names like "Hottiegirl123" or such) for "cex". Some believe "cex" to be slang for sex, but it is unlikely Runescape players know what this is.

This area is known for repetitive tasks, that give you "levels", and black holes that suck up your social life.

Runescape is a known factor to the disease n00bism. Symptoms include:
-Thinking you are amazing because you are level 78,
-Wasting 3 hours without blinking.
-Believing anyone below you in levels to be inferior
-having no social life.
SupercoolDragonLordSlayer21457: Hey dO U wanT 2 hAvE cex? I pay 10000 gps!
Hottchick213: Sure, il do it!
SupercoolDragonLordSlayer21457: aLsO wanT 2 B my gf?
Hottchick213: Sure, were cool now!


Bob: "Hey, u wanna go to that sick ass party at the new girls place? I hear their gonna have an orgy!"

Joe: "No, there all level 20 or lower there. What a bunch of noobs! Im gonna go play runescape and have cex with my gf."

Bob: "You know hes probably a guy."

Joe: "N0000000000000! STFU U n00b im a higher level than u bwahahahahaha!
Bob: "Ok then. Nerd."
by ~El_Nino~ December 27, 2008

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