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A Way to describe something that's happening to a person//A feeling - depending on how it's used.
"Wahhh - TIXXX" = Quality

"His style's TIXXX" = Better than good

1."How's you"
2."~TIXXX - man"
by ~Dark.1~ December 21, 2004
Sick lyricist from Gloucester
'PHWOAR' - you need to kno!

Way too hot!!!
by ~Dark.1~ December 21, 2004
Illlyricist from Gloc City, you need to kno.
Way too hot, too ill im gunna kill!
by ~Dark.1~ January 06, 2005
Disc Jockey + M.C = M.J
Im a M.J - give me the mic or the mixer - Gets me!

Dat man ent just an M.C he's a D.J as well.
by ~Dark.1~ December 21, 2004
Short for Jack Jones's - On your ow.
"Have a TOP night?"
"I was on my J's, this lightweight took the early back door exit"
by ~Dark.1~ January 08, 2005
Jokes jokes even more folkes
I was caching bare jokes

Stop! too much j's...
by ~Dark.1~ March 05, 2005
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