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(Egyptian) hidden
In mythology Ammon is the god associated with reproduction and life.
These creatures are intelligent, faithful, loyal, quiet, stoic, and trustworthy. If you have one as a friend, treasure him.
person 1) Wow! You have an amazing friend!
person 2) I know, Ammon is the best.
by ~ kitsune ~ May 30, 2011
Woodruff = Forest Ranger

These creatures are rather rare, if you find one you are lucky! They are one of the most gallent, friendly, fun, and chill creatures on this planet. They have many aquainteces, but few have the honor of truely getting to know it. While friendly, they are very private, (most go by an alias name, ie, Woody) and have been known to get hostile if someone is too nosey.
person 1) That dude is awesome! He is down to earth and really chill... Who is he?

person 2) Oh, thats Woody. I mean Woodruff. And yes, he is awesome.
by ~ kitsune ~ May 30, 2011

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