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3 definitions by ~*~Ambz~*~

A word which can be used to indicate a large amount of some thing. Much larger than a million but smaller than a zillion
I've got a squillion tadpoles in my garden.
There must be a squillion ants in my undies!
by ~*~Ambz~*~ March 21, 2006
32 10
someone/thing that is wierd and odd and random. Derived from the word spazz
Debbie:I like eggs!
Fred: Your such a spazzbomb
by ~*~Ambz~*~ April 04, 2006
1 0
Describing someone who is stupid and/or wierd spasmic may also be used.
Debbie: I like eggs!
Joe: your such a spazzbomb
by ~*~Ambz~*~ March 30, 2006
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