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slut, whore, me, bitch, stuck up, idiot, dip shit, emo hater, monkey mans, banana peels, cunts, people who don't lyk coffee and the most amazing fraze from the awesomest show ever The Wedge!
chick1: OMG, meg is such a supa-cula-fagelistic-expela-douch-bag.

chick2: OMG, chick1 you are soo like, right, i mean just cos i got my wedding dress for lyk, 10 dollars from a oppshop, like, to her it means im like cheap, it still don't mean im a supa-cala-fagalistic-expela-douch-bag, do it?!
by ~*~ Sweet poisoN ~*~ August 19, 2006
feeling alone, depressed, emo, sliting your wrist, bacily anything that in the end you can end up dead or killing yourself is classed as suicide or suicidal.
it's amazing how many people have told me not to kill myself but it is not my fult that i am suicidal.
most people that think that that being suicidal is emo, it is true, that obviously, in the end, they are right.
by ~*~ Sweet poisoN ~*~ August 19, 2006
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