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A person usually from anywhere but Liverpool i.e. Norway, who supports Liverpool only when they are winning stuff(e.g. the champions league). They are seen to be swinging a shitty scarf over their head, singing a shitty song in a language they dont know, and have a lot of badges pinned to them.
There is Bjorn, he has supported Liverpool all his life....well since may 2005. He has his scarf on again, whats that he is singing? sounds like another language to me. He's a kopite.
by ~*~ J ~*~ March 25, 2006
Real scousers & real football supporters. Know what its like to sit in their home ground as it isnt taken up by Norwegians etc jumpin on the bandwagon.

the best supporters in the world.
I'm an evertonian, fuck off all the redshite
by ~*~ J ~*~ March 25, 2006

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