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Well, I've been reading this stuff and I'm never refering any of my friends to this site again because of ignorant people. I found some to piss me off. Thank God that I have youtube or I'd still be nuts. I might be Wiccan, but I'm studying so I don't know yet. But what I do know is that I will deubunk each and every screwed up theory you people have here. Exceptions are the first few posts.

"A silly religion that involves angsty teenagers buying lots of overpriced and useless equipment."

I personally don't believe in buying runes and setting up an alter, but most of it is for a visualization process. If you can see it, it's easier. Just don't go blowing all your money on stuff your heart gives you people. But brooms are used to visualise clearing the room of negative energy. I think you could get a broom for like 2 dollars at a Home and Garden store and it works fine. Plus, you'll have a clean room. And wands are used to poin energy. All you need is a finger. Most of the stuff people buy, you can use with your own heart. It just speeds up the visualization process.

C: So you like spells and stuff?

Just because someone loves the Harry Potter fantasy doesn't make them able to do spells and crap. If they claim to, and base their religion on HP or some TV show, they're usually Fluffy Bunny Wiccans who will probably abandon the religion when they find out it's not all about casting spells and just connecting with nature "Eww I just like Buffy! I hate icky dirt and slime mold!"

"1. "Hey, Bob, wanna go out and get drunk and get some pussy?"
"Sorry, dude, no can do. I'm Wiccan."

Just because you're Wiccan does not mean you can't go and enjoy your sex life. They don't shun sexual things like other religions because it's completely natural.

L: Oh, it's raining. The water spirits must be happy.
P: No, it's probably because the percipitation in the atmosphere is so condensed that it falls."

Oh PULEASE... *rolls eyes* People would have to be stuck under a rock and have no education to believe the "water spirits" you are speaking of are making it rain. Wiccans are close to nature. Wiccans aren't stupid. We believe in the Earth's natural laws and love the spirit which is inside of it not the thing itself.

"2. "Hey, let's go burn potions in the woods and bury bags of burnt shit for luck!"
"But isn't that almost paganistic?"
"No, we'll just call ourselves Wiccan."

That doesn't make any sense and is completly idiotic. Wiccans are not like that and the only luck you get is what you give your self.

"Totally made up religion conceived of by drugged out 60's hippes who were into Tolkien and D&D!
The religion of militant lesbians."

The religion was around longer than you were born. So how could it be made by drugged out hippies? It's an old religion. Dating back farther than Christianity and other major religions. And as for homosexuals, the religion conciders it not to be bad and so do I. But just because they are in the religion does not make them gay.

Well that's about all I can say about you mislead people. I don't know what fairy doors are. O_o But I certainly know that Wicca is a very accepting religion on alot of subjects. If any of you all want any resources to see it isn't the "devils spell" (like we believe in devils or hell) go to Wicca.com or just search around. Take what feels right to you and leave the rest behind. That is how any belief should be picked out.
Wicca: I love animals, trees and looking up into the sky at night because every part of life has a spark of the divine in it.
by ~*~*~Riku~*~*~ August 22, 2006

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