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An item that looks exactly like an original product but lacks the expensive designer label and is replaced with a fake one. Usually costs half the price with half the style appeal.
I hate those Coach knock off purses with the little "G's" on them instead of little "C's"
by ~*erin*~ April 10, 2004
n. used to say when a two bad or inconvenient events happen in a very short period of time.
"Ah! I lost my keys and my dog! That's a double wammy."
by ~*erin*~ April 10, 2004
The less buff, less handsome, gawky looking G.I. Joe that has no military experience and thinks his machine gun shoots nerf balls.

Also used to describe a jock wannabe.
Look at him in that football uniform, pretending he knows what he's doing. What a G.I. Jimbo.
by ~*erin*~ April 10, 2004
A word used to discribe an individual who is extra snuggly and usually prevents sleep leading to dilusional behavior... but in a good way.
Doug is so snuggle-rific!
by ~*erin*~ April 13, 2005
a polite way of saying you kicked someone out of your circle of friends survivor style.
"Yeah, I don't really hang out with Jimbo anymore. We kinda cut him from the herd."
by ~*erin*~ April 10, 2004
Incredibly concieted people who act like complete buffoons but take no consideration into other peoples' thoughts of their actions.
You all suck because we're awesome... awesomely retarded!!!!
by ~*erin*~ April 14, 2005

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