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1.A positive response to a question or suggestion.

2.An expression of joy.

3.An expression to convey a fascination or extreme intrest.

"Are you ready to go?" "I'm all about it!"

"Do you want some pizza?" "Oh, I'm all about it."

"Did you see that hottie?" "Man, I'm AAAAAAALLLLLL about it!"
by ~*NFKNBLVBL*~ April 14, 2006
From the movie, The Breakfast Club.

A person who is not as socially/mentally advanced as their counterparts.
"What are you, like, Neomaxizoomdwebee?"
by ~*NFKNBLVBL*~ April 14, 2006
like nigged out, replacing the word "nig" as in "nigger" with the more widely acceptable "nug" as in "nugga".

"Man, that ish is NUGGED OUT!"
by ~*NFKNBLVBL*~ April 14, 2006

Very unpleasant.

Something that inspires awe or amazement.
"That lightning storm last night was GNARLY!"

"Aww, dude, Gnarly! That chick just puked on my car!"

"WOAH! That ish was GNARLY!"
by ~*NFKNBLVBL*~ April 14, 2006
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