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Aeropostale an awesome store that is ALOT cheaper than Abercrombie. (I have nothing against Abercrombie tho except that they are pretty expensive) If you shop there it doesn't mean you're a poser, or you're poser, it means you've got taste but you're not going to pay $35 for a shirt that will fall apart the day you put it in the wash. Aeropostale shirts last for years. SO YOU'RE NOT POOR IF YOU SHOP THERE!!!!
Girl 1: Hey lets go to Aeropostale this weekend.
Girl 2: Ok, then we can buy 2 shirts for like what they charge at Abercrombir for one!!
by ~*Cait99*~ April 15, 2006
A great store, but they're over priced. I mean who can afford to spend $300 a weekend shopping there. I love that store, but I can't afford to have EVERYTHING IN MY CLOSET SAY "ABERCROMBIE."
Abercrombie is a very nice store, but they should lower their prices and they'd get more business.
by ~*Cait99*~ April 15, 2006
Possibly THE best techno artist out there. She is from Germany and wrothe 1 of the biggest songs of '06, "Everytime We Touch."

Cascada is the best techno artist ever, I Think we should all be german like her.
by ~*Cait99*~ April 15, 2006
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