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To be turned down by somebody you truly love
"hey did u hear that adam got digged?"
by ~*AnGeLbAbE*~ February 26, 2003
To be turned on, aroused, intimidated sexually
When Dave first saw Hetty, he was schwinged!
by ~*AnGeLbAbE*~ February 26, 2003
to pull a luca means for a new unpopular person to become popular by dating a popular person
"When Gretchen dated Brad, she so pulled off a luca"
by ~*AnGeLbAbE*~ February 26, 2003
To describe a wealthy woman/girl, but in a negative manner
"Oh my God Celeste is such a Ritch!"
by ~*AnGeLbAbE*~ February 26, 2003
nicknamed used on a person when you like them a lot, or goin out wit them, like sweetie or baby
"sarah is sean's gizzy"
by ~*AnGeLbAbE*~ February 26, 2003
To be someone who alone can be nice, but in public is a mean-spirited, gossipy, bitchy queen that is a playa
"You're being a Birk so stop it!"
by ~*AnGeLbAbE*~ February 26, 2003
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