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a sensitive creature: highly emotional, and mildly introverted. typically, an emo boy has black hair, worn over his face, 'swooshed' to one side. the hair is worn short in back, but long in front, often covering one eye. wearing either plastic-framed glasses, or an abundance of eye-make-up is expected. tight pants and too small tee-shirts are expected, as well. vain, but self-depreciating, they spend endless time mirror-gazing, admiring themselves, whilst obsessing over minute flaws. skinny, always skinny. never can an emo boy exist, that is not skinny. emo boys are sometimes known to food-graze, eating bits and pieces throughout the day, instead of whole meals. the luckier ones, are known for binge-eating constantly, without gaining weight. after such binge-eating, they might complain of looking fat, knowing that they still look great, and certainly not fat. emo boys, can make great friends, but often get shunned for their stereo-typical whiney behaviour. in truth, an emo boy isn't likely to complain more than anybody else. they simply elaborate more. sulking, is typical, though they are too-often accused of sulking, when they are merely day-dreaming. despite a tendency to drink caffeine-loaded drinks, they might fall asleep, without warning. immersed in their own world, an emo boy will often have a despairing opinion on reality.
random guy: hey, joey..
joey, emo boy: ...
random guy: uhh, hello..?
joey, emo boy: ...
random guy: aww, he is sleeping..
joey, emo boy: ...
random guy: damn, he looks sexy like that..
joey, emo boy: ...
random guy: emo boys are soo cute..!!
*cuddling commences*
by zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba December 19, 2006

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