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this is the opposite of the shit.used in various conversations refering to someone doing something poorly.
me-did you see how chris shot the ball man.
paul-yeah man, he some shit.

me-yo gimme my food nigga.ewww this taste like some shit!!!
by zxulu tha big lip bandit November 29, 2004
To be shot and killed.Past tense of catch one in which you are about to be shot.
He about to catch one if he keep fakin.
He caught one to the head for fakin last week.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit January 07, 2005
A condition affecting cds.Occurs if you lend them out to "friends" or if you just cant take care of shit.
me-I lent my cd out to you two weeks ago and look at this shit!! Scratches everywhere.
so-called friend-Look Im sorry ill pay for it.
me-You damn right you will.Now dont ask me to borrow shit else.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit December 29, 2004
a fracas is what happens when celebrities and the paparazzi/paparazzo or other celebrities have a loud argument.in normal people its called assault(ahem)
the recent "fracas" between justin+cameran and the paparazzi was funny to me
by zxulu tha big lip bandit November 18, 2004
A girl who is only good for receiving oral sex from.
Them All Star Honnies are some Bop Joints.......
by zxulu tha big lip bandit February 26, 2007
Area in Clinton,Maryland Not overall as hard as where I stay at But hard nevertheless.
Small World gets shout outs at the gogo.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit May 05, 2005
A great FREE music site.You can download ALL types of music for FREE.No strings attached at all.From Chopped and Screwed to Gogo they have it all.Just go there for yourself and see.You can also put songs that you have made or altered on this site as well.
warning This site does contain VERY explicit songs.
by ZXULU THA BIG LIP BANDIT January 02, 2005
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